Jonas Schmidt

Jonas Schmidt was born in 2000 is one of the founders of JML music. He made his first steps into music at the age of 5 by starting to play the piano. He really hated his piano lessons but his parents pushed him to keep on doing.

A few years later, at the age of 10, he started to create his first compositions on a software his father bought him to keep his interest in music. Here he started his creative process until he decided to buy a new and current program: “FL Studio”. Orchestral film-like music changed into Electro and as soon as he understood the many tools of the new software he created his YouTube Channel and shared his tracks with the world.

Meanwhile he was active in the band program of his school as pianist. Here he learned the basics of stage performance and making music together. He met a lot of people and made a lot of friends to work with, among them: Manuel Christill, second founder of JML music. Together they started producing Music and Videos until they decided to create something together: JML music was born!

Since then he publishes his work as the artist “RelictKornet” and takes care of the music production company. Together with Manuel Christill he determines the way of JML music and it´s belonging artists.

Manuel Christill

Manuel Christill is one of the two founders of “JML music” and one of the first artists to join the company. He was born on 19.12.1999 in Wetzlar, Germany and discovered his love of music at a very young age. Only being two years old Christill taught himself to play the drums and mastered the basics of Percussion Art.

At the age of six, he joined the children’s choir of his community with whom he had several performances on stage for eight years. At the same time, Christill and his family performed live music in public quite often. Therefore he is referred to as “Wetzlar’s Youngest Drummer”. In 2009 Christill started to dance and work on his charisma as well as his stage presence on a daily basis.

At the age of 14 he added to his regular rehearsals, his first projects of music and video production. In 2016 he met Jonas Schmidt who produces music, like Christill himself. Together they found the music production company “JML music” in 2017.

For himself “JML music” is his chance to turn his ideas and expectations of himself and his music into reality.

Mario Haller

Mario Haller is the web developer and programmer of “JML music”. He was born on 21.12.2000. In middle school he had drum lessons and played in the school band, but quit drumming after finishing the school.He was always interested in Technology and especially programming. After meeting Manuel Christill and later on Jonas Schmidt in 2017, he became a part of the company. Since this day on he built and takes care of the website and everything connected to it.

Jonas Klimaschewski

Jonas is an 18 years old Freelance photographer, who started supporting JML music back in 2018. He started taking pictures back in 2013. First of all he shoots with an old analog camera. After 1 year he has got his first DLSR. From that moment he truly fell in love with photography.

Till now they worked on a couple nice projects with “JML music” and he is super excited about the next years.

Tabea Ott

Tabea Ott is part of “JML music”’s camera crew. She was born in 1999 and has always been fascinated by all kinds of movies.

At a young age, Tabea discovered her interest in photography. It all started when she took her first photos with a DSLR camera which lead to her getting her first own camera at the age of 14. Ever since, she has been experimenting with its features and has taught herself everything she knows about photography. As a way of developing her skills, she started doing several photo shootings. Getting more and more experienced and skilled over the years, she now possesses a professional photography equipment with which she has been traveling around the globe.

Moreover, Tabea is trying to tell a story with her work, to open people’s eyes for all the possibilities this world holds. Thus, she is always looking for particularly stunning moments to capture and is making the most of them.

Tabea is keen on discovering new things and on challenging herself to achieve great results. Following this urge, she joined “JML music” in spring 2018 and has been producing their videos together with Jonas K. ever since.